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Welcome to Hazardgirl Promotions. Here
that involves promoting an artist or band.

We even cater for other types of needs
and events outside of the music industry.
Here at Hazardgirl we work closely with our clients to ensure that their needs are met, whether they
be big or small thus also ensuring that both us and our
clients are happy.
Hazardgirl Promotions is run by music industry professionals
so you can be assured that you'll receive professional service
and advice suited to your needs
To find out more about what we do, please feel free
to contact us.

Please note: Any abusive or heated emails, phone conversations
etc in regards to publicity issues - WILL NOT BE TOLERATED
UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES - if you do such action you will be
banned from viewing this site and from working with us at
Hazardgirl Promotions.

This ALSO includes stalkers etc who have been BANNED already from talking to me or MY professional team.

Failure to obey such action/s WILL result in LEGAL ACTION AGAINST YOU.

Thank you for your understanding and 
Hazardgirl - Director - Hazardgirl Promotions.




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