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Our Proud Supporters:
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Below are some of the local businesses and
organizations that we support and who support us.
To find out more please visit their websites.
One of our
supporters are the friendly and helpful staff at
Club MMM Day
Spa. I know they aren't music related, but they
still have a place
in my heart and life. This is because I visit them on
a regular basis to use their hydrotherapy pool in
order to maintain what mobility I have left, 
something of which I appreciate immensely.
Below is a Picture of the pool that I use @ Club
MMM Day Spa. The Pool itself and the room itself
where the pool is, is kept at 33 degrees. With the
pool kept at this temperature, it enables people
such myself to gain benefit because the warmth
of the warm water helps treat a wide range of
conditions and ailments such as Spastic
Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy, Arthritis, as
well being able to help stroke
sufferers too. For more information please
feel free to phone Club MMM Day Spa on
6162 2666.