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Hazardgirl - Born April 1982. Born prematurely 3 months early, spending the first 7 weeks of her life in
At 10 months of her family knew that there was something wrong.

legs had stiffened and become very rigid. She was then subsequently diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy. She had been born with this because of her premature birth however it hadn’t become known til 10 months of age.

At the age of 5 Hazardgirl begun attending school. She attended a special needs school for the disabled where kids with disabilities could have access to and specialist Dr’s who visited the school on a regular basis so that the kids could have treatment for their varying disabilities whilst in the school environment.

At the age of Hazardgirl had her first operation. This was done on her feet and calves to help ease the spasticity and pain in her feet and to enable to walk “flat footed” for the first time.

At 11 she then went on to have yet another operation. This time on her hamstrings, again to ease the spasticity and pain within these muscles. This operation was the most painful one that she had faced so far. This was because Hazardgirl had to be in leg plasters for 7 weeks to allow the muscles to heal. This was extremely painful in itself.

In 2001 after speaking with her college Hazardgirl was given permission to repeat year 12 so that she was able to achieve better grades etc because of the fact that when she was in year 12 the first time, she had to miss a lot of school due to the HUGE amount of surgical and medical treatment required due to her CP.

After completing year 12 the second time around, Hazardgirl went on to major in Music and Legal Studies and also went on to become the most outstanding sportsperson. This was because Hazardgirl competed in sports for athletes with a disability outside of school hours.

From 1997 - 2005, Hazardgirl was a member of the "Athletes With A Disability" squad. She various events and competitions throughout Brisbane, Sydney and of cause Canberra. Competing in the F34 classification - for athletes with Cerebral Palsy or an acquired brain injury - Hazardgirl competed at these various events doing Discus, Shot Putt & Javelin. At her very first competition for the squad, Hazardgirl came away with her very first lot of medals for all 3 of her events and of cause all GOLD. Because of this too it also meant that Hazardgirl had become the Australian record holder for all 3 events. Throughout this time, Hazardgirl went on to win more and more medals with every competition that she went to.

Although mostly winning GOLD throughout her sports career, she did bring home some SILVER & BRONZE medals too. In 2000, upon turning 18 Hazardgirl was then able to compete as an "open age athlete" - continuing to compete at the many events and competitions, her strength and determination as an athlete just kept getting better and better, thus bringing home with her more and more medals and of cause breaking more and more records too. Hazardgirl also went on to become the "open age champion" in Australia for these events in the F34 classification.

Not long before retiring, however, Hazardgirl, due to a change in function and range of motion, was reclassified as also for people with CP and ABI. Hazardgirl continued to win medals and break more and more records until her retirement in March 2005. 

This was because it was found that she had developed a severe spinal condition, in was multiple. After Consulting with her Dr’s and specialists, Hazardgirl was told that she had Osteoarthritis, Spondylosis & Scoliosis all in the lower lumbar part of her spine. Dr’s had ordered her straight away to cease her sport and to undergo and operation to ease the stress, strain and pain on her spine.

In April 2006 the first spinal fusion along with a spinal laminectomy was performed. This wasn’t to be a success because the graft/fusion didn’t take thus causing 2 of the screws to come loose. So after another review and discussion with the specialist, Hazardgirl underwent another spinal fusion in October of that year.

The second was a lot more invasive and intense. This was because bone from the hip along with steroidal bone powder which when wet sets hard like concrete had to be used.

Due to the Hazardgirl is now wheelchair bound and able to walk only a few steps with assistance.

In 2002 – 2003, Hazardgirl attended the CIT to do studies in the area of music. Her time there was like hell. The Head of Department in the Music area had made her life hell by not giving her assistance to complete the classes with her , and by not providing sufficient disabled access to the building for her.

To add insult to injury with the CIT if you failed one assignment you failed the whole course. The stress and torment that Hazardgirl had received whilst at the CIT had caused her to want to attempt suicide by overdosing on medication. After leaving the , she later found out that the HOD had been saying horrible things about her to other staff members and students. He had said to a fellow staff member that disability had tarnished his reputation and that she was a brat etc just for asking for extra help in her classes.

Never fear – These operations and the bullying didn’t stop her from doing what her inner passion and her first love was & – MUSIC.

She did everything possible to help her achieve her new goals and direction in life. Hazardgirl has had 13 years of vocal lessons and has also gone on to achieve a Certificate 3 in news media as well as a certificate in public relations and events management. Both achieved in 2008. These were achieved through distance education, studying at home at her own pace.

Over the years since 2001 through going to various concerts etc Hazardgirl has had the chance to meet with and become friends with other artists and industry professionals. This of cause has been of tremendous support and encouragement to Hazardgirl and also given her a wealth of knowledge along the way too.

Some of the artists that Hazardgirl has met over the years and that have inspired her
as a singer/songwriter/performer include the likes of Luke O'Shea - Aleyce Simmonds, Don and Karen McNatt, Kasey Chambers, Bill Chambers, Bob Rodgers, Mahalia Barnes, Adam Brand, Adam Harvey, Jasmine Rae, Karl Broadie, Drew McCalister, Rose Carleo, Katie Brianna, Katrina Burgoyne, Kevin Bennett and his band - "THE FLOOD", Melinda Schneider, Steve Balbi, Simon Meli, Ashleigh Mannix and many many more.

Her biggest influence/s have been, Kasey Chambers and her father Bill as well as Bob 'Uncle Roy' Rodgers. Having loved Kasey's music and
her voice ever since she first her heard her in 2001, Hazardgirl has been a "true die hard fan" ever since.

"I was drawn to Kasey and her music because of the ways she writes her music and the fact that she writes about life's experiences, I hear her sing, I
feel as if it's my " says Hazardgirl. Her voice is just "pure bliss", the tones and the way that she sings is just second to none.

Her Father Bill has been extremely supportive of her also, saying to her once after doing a show with his daughter Kasey, he said " If anyone tells ya ya crap or that ya can't do something, tell em to go shove it and don't ever listen to em"

There have been many times in her life where has had to use the advice given to her from Bill and she's proud of it. People have and will continue to think that because of her disability Hazardgirl won't be able to make it within the music industry. And Just like Kasey, despite being told by others within the industry to do it their way, Hazardgirl has continued to forge her way and make her career succeed her way and will continue to do so until the end.

Bob 'Uncle Roy' Rodgers has also been extremely supportive of Hazardgirl and her music as well. In early 2006 prior to Hazardgirl going into hospital for surgery, as a present for Hazardgirl, he had written a song titled "Hazardgirl". In it he sings about all that she wants IS to be called '' and that she lives for her music and that she doesn't need a man and a ring on her finger to keep her happy in life and enjoys and loves the support from her Pseudo Uncle, Uncle Roy as well as her dear friend Bill Chambers and that she sees them as her special friends.

Singer/Songwriter Luke O'Shea has also been extremely supportive of Hazardgirl and her music and promotional work of which she continues to work on, on a daily basis, using every spare minute or she can get to spread the word about not only her on music but also the music and events news etc of all of the artist's she meets and greets, at every gig she attends. Hazardgirl continues to work hard with her music and music promotion as well as her other music and media related activities despite having to deal with the many ups and downs etc of having the many medical conditions and ailments.

This of cause includes Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy/Dystonia/Hypertonia/Osteoarthritis as well as the many other conditions and ailments that stem from having Extremely severe Spastic Quadriplegia/Dystonia/Hyper-tonic conditions, not to mention the fact that due to the many ailments and conditions, Hazardgirl also suffers from extremely severe and chronic disabling pain of which requires more than just your normal Panadol along with constant monitoring from her extremely professional and highly skilled team of which includes anesthetists adding to her long list of extremely highly skilled compassionate professionals, Hazardgirl is extremely honored and pleased to have the specialist in charge of the Pain and anesthetic for the Canberra region included on her highly skilled medical team.

Along with all of the many physical conditions and ailments as well as the extremely severe & chronic pain that comes as part and parcel of them, Hazardgirl also has many mental health conditions that she suffers from and has to deal with on daily basis. This includes:

1. Extremely severe clinical depression
2. Extremely severe Panic & Anxiety Attacks
3. Extremely severe Post - Traumatic Stress Disorder
4. Extremely severe Agoraphobia
5. Extremely severe stress disorder

Living with & managing with these and difficult conditions on a daily basis is extremely difficult for Hazardgirl particularly due to the fact that due to the many many allergies she is unable to take any anti - depressants at all, However never fear. This is where awesome mate/fellow singer/songwriter, not mention her hero Luke O'Shea, has a HUGE or should we say ENORMOUS positive influence in life in many ways which of cause includes how he has helped her in so so many ways many to list) to manage and to live/cope with these extremely difficult conditions which are of cause more commonly known as the "Black Dog" which also includes a lot of negative stigma directed towards sufferers of these difficult and trying conditions.

Luke has (since they first met in 2009) taken her under his wing and guided her using many many positive ways and sayings (leaving her with way too many to list here). Luke has given her tips/tricks to use in her daily life that at she thought was going to be difficult to even try at first however now they are so extremely easy that EVERYONE can use them.

Luke has also helped Hazardgirl immensely with her so many ways that were at first also were extremely overwhelming for her due to the fact that she was so used to those around her would always put her down and negative towards her, however, with her awesome buddy and mate Luke and the super huge amounts of positivity and zest for life not to mention the super cool tips/tricks etc that Luke has given Hazardgirl, She too (although still has many "down" days) now has much more self confidence/self - esteem etc so much so that she now believes that NOTHING is able to stop her from doing what she loves and that is of cause MUSIC.

Luke has also (being the cool top bloke that he is) helped & guided Hazardgirl through all of her scary/anxious moments etc whenever she's had to go to hospital for surgery and procedures and treatment by sending messages of support, sayings to think of, even phone calls to offer words of encouragement etc when times were tough to help her through the toughest of times as well as the good and awesome times even arranging to visit her in hospital when she had to have major tests done in order to not only work out what the medical issues but also the treatment for them too. So all in all Luke O'Shea being the super cool person that he is, along with the fact that he currently has 6 Golden Guitar awards under his belt, he will always mean a lot to her for how he has helped and continues to assist and help Hazardgirl whenever he can, Hazardgirl will always appreciate Luke for his love as a friend and mate as well for his care and compassion, his happiness and zest for life and to top it off for the fat that Luke has always seen/treated/respected (to name a few) Hazardgirl as a normal person and NOT seen her disabilities and ailments as a hindrance.

For this Hazardgirl WILL always respect him for this. 

In July 2009 Hazardgirl her own home based business – Hazardgirl Promotions – putting to use her skills and knowledge that had gained when studying through home school. As it says on her website – Hazardgirl promotes music with attitude, passion and soul. Hazardgirl very much enjoys what she does in helping to promote the music of the artists that she works with in every way possible. Through her Hazardgirl does everything that is involved in the area of promotion.

Through her music in many ways more than one, despite her disability and despite what people may think of her, Hazardgirl is a force to be reckoned with forging her way to the top to enable herself to stand out from the rest. Hazardgirl does not see her disability/conditions as a hindrance. And although her childhood and teenage years were extremely traumatic and stressful, Hazardgirl believes that these experiences have made her a stronger and better person.

Hazardgirl also works extremely hard to assist other promoters and managers around her home town of Canberra Australia to promote events/gigs and festivals to ensure that they are a success. Hazardgirl is currently studying Freelance Journalism with Cengage Education (distance education) so that she is able to branch out further to write articles on music and sports.

If you would like to contact Hazardgirl or to find out more about what she does, then please feel free to go to any of the links below.

Thanx for reading and for your continued support of Hazardgirl. It is greatly appreciated.

The above info is (p) & (c) 2017 Hazardgirl and Hazardgirl Promotions.