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Singer Emily Williams Release's Single In Support Of New Zealand's Earthquake Victims.
Press Release:
‘Never Alone’ by Emily Williams – The New Zealand Earthquake Relief Song – Proceeds to Red Cross
After watching the live news coverage of the devastating earthquake in her homeland New Zealand, Emily Williams watched in horror as she witnessed the pure devastation that swept through Christchurch. Like so many others, Emily was overwhelmed by the carnage that Mother Nature had left behind and especially the people left with broken homes, broken lives and broken families. Emily wanted to help in the biggest way possible, so that very day Emily stepped into to put her feelings and emotions about the tragedy into song. What was created was a beautiful ballad titled ‘Never Alone’. The song will be available for download from iTunes on Wednesday 2nd March and all proceeds will be donated directly to Red Cross New Zealand Earthquake Appeal 2011.
Australia first met Emily in 2005’s Australian Idol where she won the hearts of the nation with her amazing talents and secured second place in the hit TV show. Soon after Idol, Emily joined the all girl group ‘Young Divas’ who enjoyed massive success with such songs as “This Time I know It’s For Real” and “Turn Me Loose.” In 2010 Emily launched her eagerly awaited solo career with the track ‘Spellbound’. Soon after her first release Emily was nominated for “Australian Female Artist Of The Year” (IT Awards) and spent the rest of the month performing up and down the country while also applying the finishing touches to her next track.  Emily’s second solo release ‘You’re Mine’ hinted of a new musical direction which boasted an exciting fusion of R&B and pop. “You’re Mine” was received to rave reviews and debuted in the independent charts at #22 only last week. The new track “Never Alone,” is a heartfelt offering that will give all those fans demanding a power ballet exactly what they wanted!
Emily urges everyone to support Red Cross in any way they can “By supporting Red Cross NZ Earthquake Appeal we can help provide supplies such as water, medicines and equipment following one of the most devastating disasters in New Zealand's history. What has happened is truly horrific, so many people need our help and now is the time to stand together help as one. I wanted to do this song as it gave me a chance to not only express my own pain and feelings but of course to raise as much money as possible for NZ and hopefully inspire others to do the same.”
Australian Red Cross is on standby to provide further assistance for this disaster. Red Cross has more than 150 people on the ground assisting thousands of people affected by the earthquake. Hundreds of New Zealanders are injured and there is widespread damage, following one of the most destructive earthquakes in the country's history. The earthquake has damaged many buildings and homes. Many sewage and water lines are badly damaged, causing public health concerns. Power and been cut in Christchurch and surrounds. Red Cross is looking after more than 1,000 people in five welfare across the city. Red Cross is also assisting locate their families and friends in this disaster. Residents are being supported in their homes as part of Operation Suburb door-to-door outreach. Many are living in makeshift accommodation. Others have left the area seeking safety in other parts of the country or overseas. Tens of thousands of people in Christchurch and surrounds are concerned with more than 150 tremors rocking the city this week. You can help by buying ‘Never Alone’ from iTunes or donating to the Australian Red Cross New Zealand Earthquake Appeal 2011 at  www.redcross.org.au or by calling 1800 811 700.
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