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TJ James:
TJ James is an acclaimed
singer, songwriter and
recording artist based in
Canberra, Australia’s
Capital City.
TJ was born with Cerebral Palsy. He believes
‘anything’s possible’ and you only have to listen
to his music — or hear him perform — to know it is.
TJ is very much a mainstream artist with a
legion of fans both in Australia and overseas.
However, he works closely with organisations
that assist people with Cerebral Palsy. A number
of these organisations receive a percentage of
TJ’s album sales and support the promotion
of his music.
Recently, the Australian Capital Territory
Government formed a partnership with TJ
to facilitate projects to inspire young people
with disabilities to become involved in the music
business. In this way TJ continues to inspire
others that ‘anything’s possible’ …
Brett Wall:
Brett Wall was born in the
sleepy, little, “Podunk”
town of Miami, Oklahoma.
An area now economically
fueled by the Indian
Casino’s of the various tribes represented in the area.
Such as, Cherokee, Quapaw, Seneca, Wyandotte,
and more. Brett’s mother’s side is Cherokee. Though
his family moved from the area when he was five years old,
Brett still feels at home when he is there visiting family.
The family settled down in Austin, Texas. After years of
traveling with the family with their Southern Gospel
group, Brett found himself drifting away from the
Southern Gospel scene. His dad always said he
would return to his roots. At the age of 17 he formed
his first Christian Rock band, Images. They played
across Texas for 4 years. During which time he met
his ‘California’ girl, Stephanie. They married and stayed
in Texas for 4 years before moving to California with
their three month old son, Michael. After two years away
from music, He formed the Country/Christian Country band,
Creed Country. Brett played bass guitar, handled lead vocals,
and wrote the songs. In their 9 ½ years together they
were nominated for several awards and had songs on
various charts. During this time the family kept growing
with the addition of two more sons, Geoffrey and Jordan.
In 2003, Brett left Creed Country to move to Nashville,
Tennessee where he spent a year playing bass
and singing harmony with the award winning band,
CrossCountry the Band. Here it is 2008, and after
4 years of writing and pitching songs to various artist,
with a few cuts, it is time to get back in the game.
“Four years on the sidelines was long enough.” Says Brett.
“Time to get in the game!” Brett is now playing his own
style of Country. Best described as, Country, Christian
Country, and Rock put in a blender and pureed. Kind
of like returning to his roots on his own terms… In the
last several years Brett has had the pleasure of being
on shows with an incredible list of people including,
Craig Morgan, Jimmy Wayne, Buddy Jewell, The Nelons,
Sheree Austin, Dennis Agajanian, Dottie Rambo,
Stella Parton, Twice Robin, Mike Hammock, and
so many more.

Bec Hance Biography
Bec Hance has been
described as a breath
of fresh air when it
comes to upcoming
country music artists. Accompanying herself
as a solo artist, she
is a vibrant on the
guitar as well as
her own voice,
adding harmonica
when she feels suits.
She is a proud
Australian and displays
that in her songs
as well as her
Her greatest
so far is being a Toyota Star Maker finalist
and graduating from the CMAA country music
college in Tamworth 2009. Bec’s other successes
are winning the overall 2007 NSW/ACT Senior
Invitation Showcase, overall senior QLD champion
of champion 2008 (will be performing at the Muster
due to guest spot won last year), finalist in the A.B.B.A.
Star Quest in Tamworth 2009 as well as taking out
many other overall Talent Quest across the Eastern
states. Bec has released an independent album of
12 of her songs, and is due to release an independent
self-written album in March 2009 that she hopes
will be promoted through performances throughout
the year at country music venues, as well as country
music radio. Bec Hance comes from a town in Gippsland,
Victoria called “Lang Lang” where she spent the first 19
years of her life on the family generational farm.
Her interest in music started at 10 years old, when
she learnt to play the piano, and later years she
taught herself guitar, studied music theory and
has written a swag of her own songs. Whilst
studying at university in Melbourne, studied vocal training
for 2 years, and also taught other students piano and music
theory at the same singing school in Coburg.
Bec’s interest in country music was derived from
her upbringing listening to traditional country
music influenced by Slim Dusty, Shirley Thoms,
John Williamson, Loretta Lynn and Johnny Horton.
Her modern influences today are Sara Storer,
Troy Cassar-Daley, Norma O’Hara Murphy and
Graeme Connors. Bec now lives in Blackwater
QLD with her partner and has a passion for farming,
country living and old fashioned values and continues
to grow as an upcoming country music artist.
Mitchell Shadlow
Cool and reserved, Mitchell Shadlow has quietly
earned the distinction of being one of Australia’s
most promising male country music artists with a
vocal style described as both ‘elegant’ and ‘masculine’.
The contemporary singer steps out of the shadows
when he performs, singing with a powerful presents
that mesmerizes an audience. That force also
translates to his new album ‘The Last Eleven Years’,
recorded and released through Crybaby Records.
In the late 90's
Mitchell recorded
his Debut Album
"One Of
These Days"
and was signed to ABC/EMI.
With this
album Mitchell
 won numerous
music awards
throughout Australia including Male
Vocal at the Kyneton Country Music Awards two years
running and had three consecutive years of Australian
Country Music Award nominations for Best Male Vocal.
During this time Mitchell toured with his band and
played nationally with entertainers such as Slim Dusty,
Charlie Daniel's Band, James Blundell, Marcia Hine's and
Willie Nelson
Over the past six years Mitchell has been living
 in Dublin where he recorded and produced his
new album. It has been just over a decade since
his first album hence the title of the long awaited
new material captured beautifully on "The Last
Eleven Years". “Music is my love and to play is my dream”,
Says Mitchell who now splits his time between his two
homes Australia and Ireland concentrating tirelessly
on building and marketing his career to as many people
across the world as possible.
After so many years in the music industry and
playing all over the world, there is no challenge
too great for this very experienced and exceptionally
talented artist. Mitchell possesses all the attributes
needed to succeed in the demanding entertainment
world. Looking upon all this man has achieved to
date there is no doubting his talents and determination
and his will to prosper in the music business.
“The rewards of performing far out weigh the
potential earnings of my career and I could
never tire of this job.”
“I was quite moved when I first heard Mitchells
voice,” says Head of ABC Music Meryl Gross.
“His voice is exceptional – his elegant,
masculine style had me immediately charmed
and I knew in my heart that this was a man with
a rare talent and a big future.”

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